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Sesho's Anime And Manga Reviews

Feb 10, 2008

Anime DVD Review of Phoenix Volume 1: Persistence of Time. Based on a manga by Osamu Tezuka. Directed by Ryousuke Takahashi, Running Time: 125 minutes, Episodes 1-5, $19.95.

Volume 1 is primarily taken up by a storyline set in ancient Japan as an aging queen attacks the Land of Fire to obtain the blood of the Phoenix.It is said that if you drink the blood of this mythical bird, you can gain immortality. As is often the case, when humans try to gain something that will extend their lives beyond their natural course, it usually ends tragically. One of the last survivors of the Land of Fire, a kid named Nagi, is spared and taken as a slave by the Queen's military commander, Sarutahiko. The last episode on the DVD starts a new story arc set on a far future dying Earth. Leona, a scientist trying to harness the power of the Phoenix on the Moon, ends up involved in a huge explosion. To save his life, half of his brain is replaced with cybernetic electronics. This has the weird effect of making him see humans as monsters while he perceives robots as humans!

My Grade: A+