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Sesho's Anime And Manga Reviews

Jul 25, 2011

Podcast manga review of High School of the Dead volume 1. Story by Daisuke Sato. Art by Shouji Sato. Translated by Christina Dashiell. Originally published in Japan by Fujishobo. Published in US by Yen Press, $13.99, Rated Mature.

From the back cover:

"A mysterious illness is spreading rapidly through the halls of Fujimi High School. In a matter of hours, the campus is transformed from a place of learning into a hive of nightmares, as the infected students collapse and are reborn as flesh-hungry zombies! Only a handful of students escape the initial outbreak — among them Takashi Komuro and his childhood friend, Rei. He manages to protect Rei from the initial onslaught, but how long can Takashi and the other students hope to survive when the whole school – maybe the whole town — is out for their blood?!"

My Grade: A

Listen to my podcast review below: