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Halo Origins Anime Part 1 Online 1/2/10

Dec 31, 2009

For 24 hours on Saturday, January 2, the first part of the Halo anime project, "Origins I" will be available for free viewing on Xbox Live's Halo Waypoint. This first short is being animated by Japan's revered Studio 4C (Tekkonkinkreet, Batman: Gotham Knight, Steamboy). This is a world premiere so it will be the first time anyone will be getting a look at a full short instead of just trailers. Origins focuses on the background history of Halo the game universe, showing the Forerunners and their battle against The Flood. Origins will be available in either Japanese (subtitled?) or English. Or course this is all part of a larger anthology entitled "Halo Legends" which is being produced along with other top Japanese anime studios like Production IG, Bones, and Toei.

I don't pride myself on being much of a Halo fan. I've only played about half of the first game.  I never had the original Xbox console so I kinda missed the whole phenomenon. But I AM an anime fan so I'm quite excited about this project, even though the earlier Batman: Gotham Knight was a bit lackluster. It was still cool to see another perspective looking at very familiar characters which American viewers have become very jaded about. Halo doesn't quite bring as much baggage to the table as Batman so I expect it to be even more fresh. And who knows, it might get me to finish playing Halo and progress to the other two games in the series.

Here's the trailer for Origins I: