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Free Anime Episodes, Death Note, Naruto, Mushi-Shi, and More

Sep 23, 2008

Good news for anime fans, both subbed and dubbed. Two online video services have announced free streaming anime episodes, completely legal and on the up and up.

First there is which is featuring the following series:

1) Naruto Episodes 1-20 (English subtitled)

2) Death Note Episodes 1-37 (English subtitled)

3) Mushi-Shi Episodes 1-12 (English dubbed)

In addition they have episodes of Speed Racer and Astro Boy. They promise that they will be adding more series in the near future. Here is the direct link to their anime page:


The other site launching free anime today is which is featuring the same Naruto, Death Note, and Astro Boy episodes as Hulu, plus these other series:

1)Blue Dragon, Zatch Bell, and Mar (all dubbed)

2)Cosmo Warrior Zero

3)Gun Frontier

4) Ikki Tousen

Here is the link to their anime page:

Of the two sites, Hulu seems to be much more user friendly and is very easy to find shows and does not require registration unless you want to share it with a friend. From what I see so far of Joost, the site does not have a very good index and makes you waste time browsing to find shows. But who cares, these shows are free to watch and fully authorized by their publishers, so enjoy!