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Sesho's Anime And Manga Reviews

Jul 10, 2008

Podcast manga review of Koi Cupid Volume 1 by Mia Ikumi. Translated by Rie Hagihara. Adapted by Jason R. Grissom. Originally published in Japan by Soft Bank Creative. Published in US by Broccoli Books, $9.99, Rated E for Everyone.

The job of the cupids Ai, Koi, and Ren, is to make sure that those that are fated to be lovers come together to fulfill their destiny. Sometimes it might be the shyness of the boy or girl that is keeping them apart. Or it could be a job or a misunderstanding. Whatever it is, the three girls must find a way to overcome the obstacle. They not only struggle with their own ineptitude at times, but also must faceoff against cute demons like Lizette, whose goal in life is to foil angel missions.

My Grade for 8-10 year old girl readers: B

My Grade for readers 11+: C-

twelve and a half years ago

Cool comment. Yeah, I\'m pretty open-minded about anime and manga and I can like something even if it\'s not particularly targeted at me. This book was sweet and innocent and I couldn\'t hate on it. I just accepted it for what it was. Nothing more and nothing less.

Lori Henderson
twelve and a half years ago

Thank you for being honest in your review of this title, and seeing that it is for a younger audience, and not just going off and mocking it as I see a lot of other reviewers do when they read books meant for younger readers. It\'s really appreciated.